Medtronic LIFEPAK 20e AED Defibrillator and Monitor

Medtronic LIFEPAK Physio-Control 20e Defibrillator and Monitor is providing a flexible and effective tool to meet diverse defibrillation and monitoring needs. It is ideal crash cart defibrillator that effective defibrillation into the hands of BLS responders while transitioning easily to full therapy and monitoring capabilities for the ALS-trained code team. Highly intuitive to use, most dynamic, yet sophisticated features that make a real difference that can adapts to various patient environments.


Ventilator Machine Respironics Philips

A ventilator is a machine that supports breathing to get oxygen into the lungs, remove carbon dioxide (a waste gas that can be toxic) from the body, help the people to breathe easier and or breathe for people who have lost all ability to breathe on their own. The ventilator machine are mainly used in the hospitals.

The ventilator machine is often used for short periods, such as during surgery when you're under general anesthesia. The medicines used to induce anesthesia can disrupt normal breathing.

A ventilator machine helps make sure that you continue breathing during surgery and also may be used during a treatment for a serious lung disease or other condition that affecting normal breathing.


Skin Care Beauty Equipment (3 in 1 microdermabrasion)

Before we are talking about 3 in 1 microdermabrasion equipment, here is our convey little information regarding the structure of human skin. The outer layer covering the body is human skin. Human skin is the largest organ of the integumentary system. All human skin is nearly covered with hair follicles though hairless in its appearance. In protecting the body against excessive water loss and disease-producting agent, skin plays a key role as it interfaces with environment.

The skin will try to heal in case of damaged by forming scar tissue. This often causing discolored and depigmented. Skin pigmentation varies among populations, ranging from dry to oily. Hence, skin care beauty is among the priority requires special attention.


EKG Machine Burdick 8500

EKG Machine Burdick 8500 equipment is easy use for the user, multi-angle 7-inch widescreen, and color display that makes reading waveform data easy, and protocol choices streamline your workflow. The Burdick 8500 ECG / EKG shows you what you need, comfortably.

The Burdick 8500 EKG machine has the versatility and advanced technology for your medical setting. The Burdick 8500 features a very user friendly interface and this EKG is quite dependable.

Equipment Features :


AED Machine : LifePak CR Plus

Automated External Defibrillators (AED) is a portable electronic machine that use by medical team to diagnoses the potentially life threatening in the patient with cardiac cases such as arrhythmias of ventricular fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia. AED machine is able to treat patients through defibrillation. Applying action electrical therapy in emergency situation, It's possible to stops the arrhythmia and allowing the heart to reestablish an effective rhythm.

LifePak CR Plus is the latest AED machine from Physio-Control (formerly Medtronic, Inc.) 


Dialysis Machine Gambro Phoenix

Gambro is a worldwide medical equipment company which improving product in the new technology system, Gambro's renal products are a major business group of this company. In order to increase the distribution of their hemodialysis products, The Gambro company has developed key agreements with Baxter and DaVita.

One of dialysis machine Gambro is Phoenix dialysis system, It's features a unique protective blood module, Phoenix system eliminates the risk of cross-contamination between patients caused by transducer protector contamination.


ECG Machine Philips Trim Series

Philips company as one of big medical supplier machine has released 3 ECG machine Pagewriter Trim series, PageWriter Trim I Cardiograph, PageWriter Trim II Cardiograph and PageWriter Trim III Cardiograph. Each ECG machine have special features for the user, It is better for them to decide which model they will buy according to their needs. Of course, all ECG machine PageWriter Trim are caming with best performance.

  • ECG Machine Philips PageWriter Trim I Cardiograph

  • The ECG Machine Philips PageWriter Trim I Cardiograph has 12-Lead quality or sophistication, features with extensive ECG quality-control including AC noise filtering.


    Portable Ultrasound Machine

    Looking for portable Ultrasound Machine? Portable ultrasound make easy for the medical healthcare service to use it, They can bring their ultrasound machine to the many place when they need an ultrasound equipment. There are many company has launched the ultrasound machine with small size (hand-carried or pocket size) and multi function system with high resolution image to support medical staff (physicians, nurses, EMTs and clinical professionals) in order to get quickly in examination process even in the crucial first minutes of an emergency situation.

    CT Scan Machine

    CT scan machine (Computed Tomography) is a medical imaging method employing tomography by using a digital geometry process to generated a three-dimensional image of the internals of an object from a large series of two-dimensional X-ray images taken around a single axis of rotation. Computed Tomography (CT), actually known as computed axial tomography (CAT or CT scan) and body section roentgenography.

    Ultrasound Machine

    Ultrasound machine is one of important equipment for the hospital. These are ultrasound machine used for pregnancy examination and cardiac examination, GE Voluson 730 4D Ultrasound and ATL Ultramark 9 HDI.

    1. About GE Voluson 730 4D Ultrasound

    The GE Voluson 730 4D Ultrasound System is new ultrasound machine for obstetric imaging with higher-quality ultrasound images and using 4 Dimension technology (Ultrasound machine that make a three-dimensional ultrasound images and adds the element of time to the process. The result: Live Action images of your unborn child or of any internal anatomy).

    Ultrasound Machine 1


    EKG Machine

    Are you looking for Electrocardiograph machine (EKG machine) ? When patients are suspected of having heart disease or an abnormality, a physician may refer them to an EKG technician for testing.

    The Electrocardiograph (EKG or ECG), which was created in 1877 by Augustus Waller. EKG or ECG is a device which graphically records the electrical activity of the muscles of the heart to identify normal and abnormal heartbeats.

    New! Mac 5000/5500 Premium EKG System


    X-ray Machine System

    X-ray machine is an apparatus with utilizes electromagnetic radiation to produce an image and often used to detect broken bones, fractures, other bone injuries. X-ray machine is made up of an X-ray source or X-ray tube, an x-ray detection system, and positioning hardware to align these two components with the object to be imaged.

    They are so many Company has provide a digital X-Ray machine and Camera System consists of an X-Ray tube and driver to source X-Ray. The X-Ray passes through the patient's body and the digital camera placed on the other side patient's body. Digital X-ray camera will analyzes the image and displays the image into digital signal on the CRT.

    Pic. Digital Motion X-Ray (DMX)