ECG Machine Philips Trim Series

Philips company as one of big medical supplier machine has released 3 ECG machine Pagewriter Trim series, PageWriter Trim I Cardiograph, PageWriter Trim II Cardiograph and PageWriter Trim III Cardiograph. Each ECG machine have special features for the user, It is better for them to decide which model they will buy according to their needs. Of course, all ECG machine PageWriter Trim are caming with best performance.

  • ECG Machine Philips PageWriter Trim I Cardiograph

  • The ECG Machine Philips PageWriter Trim I Cardiograph has 12-Lead quality or sophistication, features with extensive ECG quality-control including AC noise filtering.

    The ECG Machine Philips TRIM I will help the medical team to get accurate result complete with optional interpretation which highlights areas for review. Those using this machine, They will say "really easy to operate the ECG machine Philips TRIM I". This is a new digital Patient Interface Module (PIM) incorporates a colour coded lead diagram on the module, with leads intuitively arrange for quick, easy identification.

  • ECG Machine Philips PageWriter Trim II Cardiograph

  • The ECG Machine Philips PageWriter Trim II is a non-interpretive cardiograph. This machine offers fast-paced clinical environments with unique blend of cost-effective, practical and exceptionally versatile performance. Series Trim II has known as High Quality ECG Reports in a Flash, with his high-resolution 6.5-inch display the ECG Machine Philips PageWriter Trim II one of the bset choice for the user.

    PageWriter Trim II is an affordable and versatile cardiograph that makes the user easy to acquire and print ECG reports in virtually any patient care setting. The user will be able to streamline information sharing with options which include a magnetic card scanner, SMART card scanner, modem card and ECG storage card.

  • ECG Machine Philips PageWriter Trim III Cardiograph

  • The ECG Machine Philips PageWriter Trim III Cardiograph provided with a high-resolution full colour display and exceptional flexibility to meet the needs of fast paced clinical environments. To optimize clinical efficiency, patient information can be quickly entered on a real alphanumeric keyboard or optional bar code scanner.

    Those medical team who work in the group network, The ECG Machine Philips PageWriter Trim III is the best system for them. They can send the report to the others team partner easily by connecting directly to the Philips TraceMasterVue ECG Management System. The Trim III is an ECG machine that packed with easy-to-use features like a high-resolution 6.5-inch color screen, a full-size keyboard, an intuitive Patient Interface Module, as well as multiple options to help streamline information sharing


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