ECG Machine Philips Trim Series

Philips company as one of big medical supplier machine has released 3 ECG machine Pagewriter Trim series, PageWriter Trim I Cardiograph, PageWriter Trim II Cardiograph and PageWriter Trim III Cardiograph. Each ECG machine have special features for the user, It is better for them to decide which model they will buy according to their needs. Of course, all ECG machine PageWriter Trim are caming with best performance.

  • ECG Machine Philips PageWriter Trim I Cardiograph

  • The ECG Machine Philips PageWriter Trim I Cardiograph has 12-Lead quality or sophistication, features with extensive ECG quality-control including AC noise filtering.


    Portable Ultrasound Machine

    Looking for portable Ultrasound Machine? Portable ultrasound make easy for the medical healthcare service to use it, They can bring their ultrasound machine to the many place when they need an ultrasound equipment. There are many company has launched the ultrasound machine with small size (hand-carried or pocket size) and multi function system with high resolution image to support medical staff (physicians, nurses, EMTs and clinical professionals) in order to get quickly in examination process even in the crucial first minutes of an emergency situation.