Medtronic LIFEPAK 20e AED Defibrillator and Monitor

Medtronic LIFEPAK Physio-Control 20e Defibrillator and Monitor is providing a flexible and effective tool to meet diverse defibrillation and monitoring needs. It is ideal crash cart defibrillator that effective defibrillation into the hands of BLS responders while transitioning easily to full therapy and monitoring capabilities for the ALS-trained code team. Highly intuitive to use, most dynamic, yet sophisticated features that make a real difference that can adapts to various patient environments.

Skillfully combines a Medtronic LIFEPAK 20e Defibrillator and Monitor function for the infrequent AED-trained that can responders to quickly understand and use. BLS-trained responder, with manual capability so that ALS-trained clinicians can quickly and easily deliver advanced diagnostic and therapeutic care. It is diverse AED device of its kind.

Advance of Medtronic LIFEPAK Defibrillator and Monitor ;
  • ADAPTIV biphasic technology adjusts shock duration and voltage, it is capable of escalating energy up to 360J for the broadest therapeutic dosage for patients who fail to respond to previous shocks. It is automatically adjusts shock duration and voltage, based on the patient’s impedance level.
  • MASIMO SET pulse oximetry can offers accurate and stable oxygen saturation monitoring, for quick and effective clinical decisions under conditions of both active movement and low perfusion.
  • Superb color graphics, easily viewed from many angles, enable clinicians to clearly see color matched waveforms and values for efficient and informed patient care decisions.
  • cprMAX technology provides a resuscitation platform that can increase CPR hands on time and can minimize delays between CPR and shock.
  • Shock Advisory System is guides the user with loud voice prompts and clear, simple graphics visual prompts through each step and simple 1-2-3 operation.
  • With an easy push of a latch, the Medtronic LIFEPAK 20e automatically converts to a manual defibrillator and including waveform displays.
  • The Medtronic LIFEPAK 20e is compact, lightweight, and easy to rush to the scene or use during transport. An optional docking station enables the device to be firmly attached to the crash cart for rapid transport and safe, or easily released. Whatever the situation requires.
  • Automated daily self-tests, viewable readiness display and the battery gauge provide assurance your device is ready to accompany you to a code or during patient transport within the hospital.
  • Lithium-ion battery technology provides an extended operating time, making it more easy to transport patients from one area of the hospital to another.
  • Flexible device, with two display options, the Medtronic LIFEPAK 20e is easy to configure your patient care protocols, or can make changes as recommended by the American Heart Association and European Resuscitation Council.

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