CT Scan Machine

CT scan machine (Computed Tomography) is a medical imaging method employing tomography by using a digital geometry process to generated a three-dimensional image of the internals of an object from a large series of two-dimensional X-ray images taken around a single axis of rotation. Computed Tomography (CT), actually known as computed axial tomography (CAT or CT scan) and body section roentgenography.

CT scan machine is useful equipment (an important tool in medical imaging to supplement X-rays and medical ultrasonography) for the hospital to bring accurate diagnosis of the disease on the patient where by others examination still did not clear. Although most common in healthcare, CT scan machine is also used in other fields, for example nondestructive materials testing (for preventive medicine or screening for disease, for example CT colonography for patients with a high risk of colon cancer).

1. CT Scan Machine SOMATOM Emotion
The SOMATOM Emotion is one of CT scan machine that designed to make your workday easier and clinically more successful, a compact and powerful CT scanner that provides a full range of capabilities and excellent image quality at a minimal life cycle cost.

By using CT Scan Machine SOMATOM Emotion, you can get consistently high image quality even for long scans at any pitch because Siemens company created SureView™ to this machine. It's mean a dedicated and fast spiral image reconstruction technique (an Ultra Fast Ceramic (UFC™) detector), providing first class image quality.

2. CT Scan Machine Philips Brilliance

This is CT scan machine that released by Royal Philips Electronics, Designed for leading edge and research-oriented institutions that want to conduct the most advanced multislice CT studies. There are some models of Philips Brilliance CT, 64-channel and 40-channel with 6, 10 ad 16 slice configuration.

Philips Brilliance CT also expands clinical boundaries through applications, such as extended coverage brain perfusion, that will position CT as a modality of choice in stroke evaluations. The CT Scan Machine Philips Brilliance provided unprecedented performance in cardiac and coronary artery imaging, pulmonary studies, CTA and critical care exemplifying a new realm of possibilities.


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* Medical CT scanning is painless, noninvasive and accurate.
* A major advantage of CT is its ability to image bone, soft tissue and blood vessels all at the same time.
* Unlike conventional x-rays, CT scanning provides very detailed images of many types of tissue as well as the lungs, bones, and blood vessels.
* CT examinations are fast and simple; in emergency cases, they can reveal internal injuries and bleeding quickly enough to help save lives.
* CT has been shown to be a cost-effective imaging tool for a wide range of clinical problems.
* CT is less sensitive to patient movement than MRI.
* CT can be performed if you have an implanted medical device of any kind, unlike MRI.

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